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Coe College

TECHNOLOGIES: Safety and Security


Coe College is a private, four-year liberal arts college. Roughly 1,300 students make up a diverse population that represents 33 states and 15 foreign countries. Its campus has doubled in size recently, featuring a renovated dining hall, an expanded library, a well-equipped science facility, a modern fine arts center, and apartment-style living facilities.

Customer Needs

After receiving a grant to increase campus security, Coe wanted to upgrade its access control system. Security operations had recently shifted to the IT department, and with students needing access to certain buildings at specific times due to sports, end-of-term breaks, etc.,Coe College needed CEC to:

  • Install card readers in residence halls and academic buildings.
  • Implement an open-platform access control system to move away from the limitations of the college’s current proprietary system.
  • Integrate 15 cameras with the access control system.
  • Reduce the amount of manual labor associated with maintaining the access control system.


With a new access control system and the integration of security cameras, Coe College can now make system changes easily and remotely. Instead of printing 286-page reports and using those to manually approve or remove access as a result of graduation, schedule changes, etc., access is now automated and done en masse based on student categorization. Now that the project is complete, Coe has:

  • An upgraded, customizable, scalable, open-platform access control system that’s easy to use and offers numerous reporting capabilities.
  • Security cameras integrated with its access control system.
  • An automated data transfer of student enrollment and the security system to increase productivity for its Student Services Department, which was dealing with manual access control updates.
  • Room for system expansion. Coe is currently using only 10% of the access control system’s capacity.

CEC made our lives easier. They gave us one point of contact and pulled all parties together. They eased us into access control. They nurtured us, and we now have a major reduction in administrative overhead. Any time you can add a project like this without adding to work hours, that’s key.

Tony Bata CIO, Coe College
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