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St. Norbert College

TECHNOLOGIES: Audio/Video | Information Technology


Named “The Best in the Midwest” by Princeton Review in 2015, St. Norbert College was founded in 1898 and offers 40+ major fields of study for 2,200 students. Bordering the Fox River, the campus stretches across 111 acres. 

Customer Needs

After surveying its students, St. Norbert College discovered that more than 90% brought their own devices to campus, along with the laptops they’re required to purchase. As part of a building renovation, the college had an opportunity to rethink the traditional computer lab and create an environment that supported a growing percentage of students bringing their own device and created a space that computer science majors could truly call “home”.


Using a collaborative process, CEC worked closely with St. Norbert College to generate creative ideas to make this next generation lab a reality. An integrated Extron control system, Da-Lite IDEA screen, and Samsung high-definition displays give St. Norbert College:

  • A way for students to use their own devices during class
  • Increased screen real estate by replacing computer monitors with 32-inch displays that rotate between portrait and horizontal so students can view more code at once
  • The ability to provide “paired programming”: two students working together at the same display
  • Simple user experiences for faculty, with one button to enter presentation mode and gain control of the room’s systems, no matter the connection type
  • Technology that allows faculty to share content on an interactive screen/whiteboard and on student display monitors 


The dedicated team from CEC stuck with us, troubleshooting to solve any problems that came up. The active learning room supports BYOD and the things our professors wanted to do in that space. 


Scott Ryan Learning Spaces Technologist, St. Norbert College
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