Commercial Radio Airtime Now in Iowa City

January 22, 2019 | CEC News

Our new Iowa City wide-area radio system is now live! This system will allow two-way radio users to lease a bigger and better system – without having to purchase or maintain it. The site provides coverage for the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City corridor area. If you use cell phones for internal communication, two-way radios utilizing this airtime network may be a better option and offer lower total cost of ownership for you through:

  • One-to-many signaling (no need to make several calls to ask different people the same question)
  • Legal use while driving (two-way radios are exempt from distracted driver rules)
  • Better durability (can be dropped or kicked, or get wet, and still continue to perform)
  • Longer battery life vs. cell phones
  • Always-on communication that won’t get overloaded and deny your communications request

To learn more, contact Radio Group General Manager Mike Hauser.

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