Commercial Radio Airtime Now in Iowa City

January 22, 2019 | CEC News

Our new Iowa City wide-area radio system is now live! This system will allow two-way radio users to lease a bigger and better system – without having to purchase or maintain it. The site provides coverage for the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City corridor area. If you use cell phones for internal communication, two-way radios utilizing this airtime network may be a better option and offer lower total cost of ownership for you through:

  • One-to-many signaling (no need to make several calls to ask different people the same question)
  • Legal use while driving (two-way radios are exempt from distracted driver rules)
  • Better durability (can be dropped or kicked, or get wet, and still continue to perform)
  • Longer battery life vs. cell phones
  • Always-on communication that won’t get overloaded and deny your communications request

Update 10.2020 

Two-way radio systems such as this one were recently put to use this year during the Derecho that impacted much of the Corridor. While cell phone towers and internet services were down, locals were able to use two-way communications to stay in touch and help out in an emergency. Read more about how CEC stepped in to help a local public works agency with their radios on our blog.

To learn more, contact Radio Group General Manager Mike Hauser.

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