CEC Demos Next Generation Wireless Technology at Dubuque Open House

October 12, 2020 | CEC News



CEC Demos Next Generation Wireless Technology at Dubuque Open House

Explore the Emerging Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) Network Simulation Live

Hiawatha, IA (October 12, 2020) – CEC, Communications Engineering Company, a nationally recognized technology solutions provider and systems integrator in the Midwest will feature next generation wireless technology at the October 15 Open House in Dubuque. Local CEC experts and guest participants will have the unique opportunity to compare-and-contrast Wi-Fi vs. CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio System) connectivity effectiveness within indoor and outdoor spaces through a live demonstration.

“Wi-Fi has come a long way since the first protocol was adopted in 1997. Speeds have continued to improve but the 2.4GHz band is noisy, has limitations and is less secure,” states Randy Montelius, CEC Vice President of Technology. “CBRS, which operates in the 3.5 GHz range, is less susceptible to noise, more reliable and more secure. When compared to Wi-Fi, CBRS provides four times better indoor coverage and nine times better coverage outdoors. We hope local businesses, partners and friends will join us at the Open House and see next-generation technology in action.”

“CBRS spectrum was recently auctioned by the FCC with the intent of providing additional bandwidth for the ever- increasing wireless connectivity needs. As a systems integrator, we have been evaluating the technology and the best applications for our customers,” adds Kim Lehrman, CEC Chief Executive Officer. “With the incredible knowledge of our engineers and technical staff, and the trust of our vendor partners, we’re uniquely able to identify how to leverage the technology to help our communities solve their real time issues.”

Who benefits from this newest technology? CEC provides the technical expertise to deliver CBRS to customers across a variety of market segments including:

  • Healthcare organizations - who are required to secure patient information – adding a CBRS overlay network will allow hospitals to shift critical medical devices to CBRS’ less crowded frequency, providing more reliable and secure connections.
  • Warehouse and Manufacturing facilities would have the ability to cover a larger space with one-fourth as many access points and provide secure coverage for fork trucks and mobile scanners.
  • Campuses environments would have the ability transmit security video from a remote perimeter where connectivity can be difficult to achieve.

The experts at CEC believe CBRS will bring us the next level of private wireless data, allowing businesses and institutions to provide a higher tier of connectivity for mission-critical devices. 

Interested businesses can participate in or view the technology demonstrations at the new CEC office location – 4099 McDonald Drive during the Open House October 15, from 2:30pm to 5:30pm. An official ribbon cutting ceremony begins at 4:30pm. In accordance with CDC guidelines, CEC will provide face masks, temperature checks and hand sanitizer to visitors and will practice social distancing throughout the event.

CEC has been a member of the Dubuque Chamber of Commerce since January of 2002. To RSVP for the Open House in Dubuque, or learn more about CEC and CBRS, visit www.cecinfo.com.

About CEC

With offices in the Midwest serving local and national customers, CEC offers solution design, integration, and technical services specializing in audio/video, fire and security, healthcare communications, IT, and two-way communications. Focused on creating world class technology experiences, the CEC team partners with clients to understand their businesses, tailor solutions, and plan for future technology needs. To learn more, visit www.cecinfo.com.


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