CEC’s Newest IT Product Partner: Rubrik

February 28, 2019 | CEC News

Through our newest IT product partner, Rubrik, CEC customers now have access to backup solutions that are simpler, faster, and futureproof.

With Rubrik, lengthy backup setup times, broken job scheduling, and uncertain recoveries are things of the past. SQL database administrators love Rubrik solutions because they deliver near-zero recovery time objective (RTO) by mounting SQL directly on Rubrik. This shortens the duration of time in which a business process is restored after a disaster to avoid unacceptable consequences.

You can use Rubrik solutions for:

  • Cloud mobility
  • Data protection and speedy backups
  • Global management, visibility, and control
  • Ransomware recovery
  • Self-service automation

When customer backup requirements increase due to a growing staff or new business services, Rubrik scales and upgrades easily, with deduplication, compression, and other data services scaling in line to maximize efficiency and savings.

And because the true measure of a backup solution is its ability to restore data quickly, Rubrik’s Instant Recovery allows a full virtual machine to be brought online within seconds while also deprecating and replacing the original, faulty virtual machine.

Learn more about Rubrik’s backup solutions here. If you think you’d benefit from these backup services, CEC’s IT team is happy to answer your questions.

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