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Baraboo School District

TECHNOLOGIES: Fire and Security


The Baraboo School District has four K-5 elementary schools, one kindergarten center, one middle school, and one high school. Each year, the district provides education to more than 3,000 students. The mission of the Baraboo School District is to prepare students to become lifelong learners and responsible community contributors.

Customer Needs

Baraboo School District staff members first met CEC at a WASBO (Wisconsin Association of School Business Officials) conference. They shared the problem they were having with their fire alarm system: One of the panels had a mapping fault that no one could clear. Baraboo School District was also looking for a solution provider to service its equipment district-wide. Baraboo hired CEC after discovering they could fix the panel problems that no other provider had been able to resolve.


CEC repaired Baraboo School District’s fire alarm system and became the provider for the district’s regular inspections. After partnering with CEC, Baraboo School District now has:

  • A reprogrammed fire alarm panel that no longer has a mapping fault. After other providers couldn’t clear the map fault, CEC resolved the issue and put the panel back in service.
  • Comprehensive training from CEC staff members on the district’s fire alarm systems. School district employees now understand how the system works and how to troubleshoot simple issues.
  • Regular fire alarm inspections conducted with specialized equipment to ensure proper system maintenance. NICET-certified CEC staff members point out potential fire alarm issues so the district can make appropriate adjustments.
  • Access to inspection and testing results on a 24/7 basis. An intelligent online reporting system provides comprehensive data on every device inspected. All devices are barcoded and scanned when inspected to provide an accurate inspection record for each device. Each time a barcode is scanned, it’s stamped with the date and time so Baraboo School District knows when the inspector checked each device.
  • Fire alarm and security monitoring services. Baraboo School District staff members will be notified immediately of an alarm event, no matter if they’re at lunch, at home, or on vacation.

I am confident that our fire alarm systems are working correctly for the first time since I’ve been here at Baraboo School District, and that means we’re protecting our students, staff, and community members. I am very impressed with their service and their inspections of my systems.

Patrick Acker Director of Buildings & Grounds, Baraboo School District
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