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Beaver Dam Unified School District

TECHNOLOGIES: Fire and Security


Beaver Dam Unified School District (BDUSD) is comprised of a high school, a middle school, a learning academy, and seven elementary schools. These facilities serve as a place for the district’s mission statement to be carried out: Learning for a Lifetime. The district’s goal is for students to excel in core academic areas, develop social skills, demonstrate enthusiasm for lifelong learning, be of good character, and be contributing members of society.

Customer Needs

Over a decade ago, Beaver Dam was searching for video surveillance systems and remote programmable locking systems for its school buildings. After taking a tour of a CEC client’s facility (Howard Suamico High School) to see the surveillance and locking solutions in use there, the district contacted CEC to discuss correct specifications for the security systems. That information was then used to create an RFP that was ultimately awarded to CEC.


The surveillance and programmable locking systems were installed according to the specifications as part of the RFP. After this project was done, CEC worked with BDUSD to later add security systems at each entrance of the district’s 10 buildings. Five new fire alarm systems were also installed in several of the schools.

After partnering with CEC, Beaver Dam Unified School District now has:

  • A reliable security solution that is able to expand as the district’s budget allows.
  • Annual fire alarm inspections that ensure compliancy with state and federal regulations. As part of these inspections, BDUSD also has 24/7 online access to the findings and results of these inspections.
  • 24/7 monitoring services for the majority of the district’s buildings. Four load-sharing centers give BDUSD the assurance of fast, efficient monitoring, even under the worst conditions.
  • A security solution that also acts as a deterrent to student misconduct. Data from these surveillance solutions also helps the district with disciplinary actions, when appropriate.

CEC was able to meet our budget amount and provide the district with a system we were able to ‘grow’ as budgetary dollars allowed while still providing a very good security system.

Paul Buchholz Coordinator of Buildings, Grounds, & Safety, Beaver Dam Unified School District
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