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Since 1983, Eagle Point Software Corporation has been developing solutions that run on top of AutoCAD and Autodesk. These software products enable Eagle Point’s architecture and engineering clients to solve unique problems and simplify work by utilizing add-on applications. Eagle Point’s products enable customers to maximize their returns on technology investments.

Customer Needs

As a small company, Eagle Point Software doesn’t make a lot of changes/upgrades to its facilities. But the time came for employees to investigate a network upgrade and telephony/network connectivity solution for remote users. CEC presented a plan to Eagle Point for its network upgrade, as well as a VoIP solution that could run side by side with the company’s existing phone system.


Initially, CEC implemented a major network upgrade and VoIP solution that worked with Eagle Point’s current phones. A few years later, CEC led a full VoIP implementation that involved new phones and frame relay/PIP installation and connectivity for Eagle Point’s remote users.

After partnering with CEC, Eagle Point Software now has:

  • Upgraded network switches that were switched over seamlessly. Because of the upgraded network, Eagle Point virtually eliminated downtime, which increased productivity for its staff members.
  • Quick service and response when the IT network poses problems (like the main network switch going down).
  • A company to manage Eagle Point’s IT service contracts with vendors.
  • Guidance and assistance when it comes to routine IT network maintenance issues.
  • No more problems with antiquated hardware failures and software glitches.
  • An IT partner that provides insight, training, education, and answers to questions. 


Issues with antiquated hardware failing and software glitches are a thing of the past with every project CEC has been involved with. CEC employees were as frustrated as the rest of us when we ran into roadblocks, and as excited as we were when we overcame them.

John Nemmers IT Executive, Eagle Point Software
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