Helping You Efficiently and Safely Manage K-12 Construction Projects


Managing K-12 construction projects presents its own set of unique challenges: monitoring budgets carefully, minimizing risk, and keeping timelines in check, to name just a few.

CEC’s team understands K-12 electrical projects. We have decades of experience in providing what contractors need to be successful.

  1. We Craft a Project Team Just for You

Our restructured project management team dedicates professionals to your projects specifically so we can make sure our work is done on time and on budget—with no exceptions.

We select specialists within our team based on what you and your client need in terms of experience and skillsets. Our dedicated employees have been involved with hundreds (maybe thousands) of K-12 projects across the Midwest—public and private elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools—from small classrooms and technology centers to high-tech auditoriums, athletic facilities, and district-wide initiatives.

  1. We Work with the Design-Build Construction Model

We understand the design-build construction model used by many K-12 schools to streamline projects. Under a single contract, we will collaborate with you through every stage, from initial planning to project completion, to make sure you achieve your project goals. To help you reduce costs and improve quality, we can also value-engineer design-build projects within a pre-determined budget.

  1. We Know Safety

Safety is always our priority. CEC’s safety director is supported by an entire committee that teaches and promotes safe work practices. We’re devoted to safe, healthy, and secure jobsites—and we also know how to work quietly and courteously with students and staff nearby. 

  1. We Test Technology Before We Roll it Out

CEC built an in-house center for communication—called Lab46—which lets us test technology before we roll it out. Here, we can evaluate emerging solutions, conduct proofs of concept, and try out technology in a setting that lets us mimic specific jobsite conditions. When we deploy our technology as part of your school construction projects, you can be confident that it’s tested to work in that environment.

Instead of working with multiple subcontractors, CEC can be your go-to resource for AV, fire and security, and two-way communications work. We’re up to date on the latest technology and know about solutions that will save you labor time and money on school projects.

Have a school project you need help with? We’re ready—and can help you avoid delays and unexpected costs! Questions? Contact our construction team!


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