SystemsCare: Customize Your Support

Focus on achieving optimal effectiveness of your technology systems through:

With an extended warranty, your organization will receive full parts and labor support on system repairs caused by normal system use including: 

  • Service callback same business day.
  • A technician on-site next business day to troubleshoot and/or repair the equipment during CEC’s normal business hours.
  • An extension of the manufacturer’s warranty for covered equipment unable to be repaired on-site will be sent to the manufacturer for factory repair.

Note: Normal use and service does not include negligence, misuse, external force or physical abuse, loss of electrical power or power fluctuation. Lift rental or specialized equipment are not included in coverage.

Have a technical resource for your organization just a phone call away and receive:

  • Priority-call support from a trained & certified technician within 1 hour.
  • A technician to work with you on remote troubleshooting.
  • Technical support on your AV, fire & security, healthcare, IT and two-way communications systems.

Ensure that your organization has technical support any time. Call into our Customer Support Center (CSC) and receive:

  • A phone call back within two (2) hours any time.
  • A technician will be on-site to troubleshoot your issue within four (4) hours.
  • Support for your systems 24x7x365.

Make sure your systems are at optimal performance and in compliance with codes and regulations including:

  • Scheduled technical and preventative maintenance visits.
  • Systems checks and alterations by technically certified staff to ensure that all equipment is operational.
  • Evaluation documentation and reporting for compliance requirements.

Work with CEC to develop a training program for your organization that shows your staff the best ways to utilize the systems. Programs include:

  • End-user and technical training to ensure proper usability of the systems.
  • Sessions customized for groups or individuals.
  • Refresher training for new or current staff members.

Keep your systems current with the latest system upgrades and patches:

  • Periodic software upgrades aligning with manufacturer updates.
  • Access to manufacturer technical support resources otherwise unavailable.
  • Troubleshooting, defect verification and hot-fix support from certified technical staff.

For more information about SystemsCare, contact your CEC account executive, or call 800-377-0271.

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