Distributed Antenna Systems

Distributed antenna systems (DASs) can increase wireless coverage and capacity within and between buildings, ensuring that obstructions don’t interfere with signals. You’ll most likely find them in convention centers, university campuses, large sports venues, or downtown high-rises. No matter where users are located inside a building, distributed antenna systems allow cell phones, emergency radios, and facility two-way radios to work – regardless of walls, windows, or other barriers. They can also improve efficiency and reduce costs by allowing several users to use the same network without bogging down the system.

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The fiber optic or coaxial cable that connects antenna modules and controllers in a distributed antenna system are what give users the continuous wireless access they need. CEC offers solutions for passive, active, and digital distributed antenna systems, including headend and distribution design. In addition to new installations, our technicians can also conduct signal strength testing on existing systems to identify areas of weakness. They’re trained to test and install both fiber and coax to ensure that you get the system you need.

Site Survey and Design

A distributed antenna system is only as good as the positioning of its antennas and access points to achieve proper coverage. CEC uses site surveys to determine correct antenna locations that will guarantee wireless connection anywhere in or around your building. Because signal coverage can be impacted by building materials and facility layout, we conduct site tests to confirm quality performance before the project is complete.

Emergency-Compliant Systems

If your building uses a distributed antenna system, local laws may require your building to provide public safety radio signal coverage for mission-critical fire, police, and emergency personnel (depending on location). During an emergency, wireless coverage for first responders and the general public should be available and reliable. Many 911 calls or texts are placed or sent from a cell phone inside a building – we can help design an emergency-compliant system to ensure that emergency calls get through, no matter what.

Carrier Distribution

CEC focuses on DASs that distribute commercial wireless cellular signals in both consumer and industrial environments. For smaller applications, we offer out-of-the-box solutions (antennas, amplifiers, coax, etc.) that have already received approval from cellular companies so that amplifiers don’t interfere with cellular companies. For larger campuses or complexes, we can facilitate custom DAS designs and ensure that they’re approved by cellular companies prior to installation. We’ll gather the necessary requirements, coordinate connection, and perform commissioning to make sure the system performs as expected.

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