Instant one-to-one or one-to-many conversations connect you with the people and information you need, no matter where you are. Digital radio systems have transformed into information devices that not only transmit voice signals, but also send and receive texts and emails across the globe. Reliable, durable two-way communications solutions now allow users to stay mobile while ensuring that critical information can be sent and received in real time. 

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Handheld Radios

More durable, reliable, and rugged than smartphones, handheld radios connect people with voice and/or data instantly without the unnecessary distractions. Handheld radios ensure seamless communication in any environment, from the plant floor and hotels, to warehouses and school districts.  Handheld radio solutions can be designed based on your specific needs and are available in several sizes with various frequency ranges. Emergency signaling features will improve safety and ensure instant, reliable communications during the moments that matter.

Vehicle-Mounted Mobiles

Keep drivers and field employees connected to decision-makers while complying with state and local distracted-driver laws. Offering more range due to higher power levels than handheld devices, vehicle-mounted mobile radios can send one-to-one or one-to-many voice or data messages; they also offer Bluetooth features, long-range cordless microphones, and signaling that can alert you of missed communications. GPS-enabled units quickly and efficiently track people and assets for better fleet scheduling and management. 

Desktop Stations

Desktop radio stations connect your office with people in the plant or in the field. Not only can they be used to instantly send one-to-one or one-to-many voice messages, they can also be used to route text and email to radio users on the go. CEC can custom design system integrations that will link fire alarm, security, and building automation messaging to radios to ensure that your decision makers get their information in the fastest manner possible.

Radio Rental Program

Fullfill temporary radio equipment needs quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Our Radio Rental Program allows you to rent radios by the day, week or month and can be programmed to match your existing radio fleet. Available options include speaker mics, rack chargers and intrinsically safe rated models.

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