Radio Integration

Take communications to a higher level by connecting new or existing technologies to portable radio systems. Fire alarm, security, and building automation system messages can be instantly sent to radio users to warn about potential problems and improve response time. PC and smartphone gateways allow non-users to send voice and text messages to radios over the network.

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Building, Safety, and Security Alerts

Get critical fire alarm, HVAC, security, and emergency information to your organization’s decision-makers instantly to reduce liability, keep systems running smoothly, and make sure people stay safe and comfortable. By getting the right information to the right people in real time, you can significantly improve response times and control situations before they interfere with your daily operations. You set the parameters for the types of alerts that should be sent, along with when and who they are sent to – and the system does the rest.

Dispatch Solutions

CEC can configure your desktop PC to serve as a self-contained, mission-control center with intuitive operation that allows for fast call handling, reliable connectivity, and radio control and monitoring – no matter where your organization’s radios are located. A dispatch solution allows you to store text, voice, and data so you can review the information later and hone your organization’s operational efficiencies. IP connectivity supports communication over wide geographic areas by using your network to connect radio locations. 

GPS Tracking/Indoor Locating

By integrating GPS tracking and indoor locating features with your two-way radio system, you’ll know the exact location of your people or assets at all time. This technology can help monitor guests, locate personnel during evacuations, and quickly track key personnel during an emergency. Improve efficiency of offsite workers with geofence technology that defines geographical boundaries to improve productivity, maintain proof of arrival and completion at jobsites, minimize vehicle idle time, and keep location-based employees accountable.

Smartphone Integration

If your organization has managers who need to be connected to the radio system occasionally, a smartphone interface with your radio system may be a wise choice. Smartphone and two-way communication integration grants your decision-makers the ability to take command and control wherever there is cellphone service available. This means that they can be out of town, out of state, or even out of the country and still have the ability to converse with people onsite to deal with situations requiring input.

Two-Way Communications Partners

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