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What is your current AV situation?

 Is your AV and communications technology propelling you forward or holding you back? Productivity, communication, and safety often boil down to the AV technology you’re using.

How well is your technology performing? Is there anything you could do to improve it? A free AV technology assessment from CEC can tell you.

With the increased reliance on AV and communications systems to support social distancing, reduce touch, sustain hybrid and remote work, and share reminders about COVID-19, now’s a great time to plan for an AV technology assessment.


Are your meeting rooms, office spaces, or classrooms a little less busy than usual? Take advantage of this time to make sure your technology is working like it should. Even if you’ve returned to school or work full time, we can still make it happen (following social distancing and safety protocols, of course).

The best part? Our AV technology assessments don’t cost a dime. We’re happy to donate our time to make sure you’re set up for the best possible outcomes

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