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Fort Madison Community Hospital



Fort Madison Community Hospital has an established history of excellence in healthcare. Originally known as Sacred Heart Hospital, operated by the Sisters of the Third Order of Saint Francis from 1912 to 1977, Fort Madison Community Hospital was established when the Sisters decided to sell the building and equipment.

In 1987, a new 58,000-square-foot hospital was established, with many additions and improvements along the way that have transformed it into a state-of-the-art facility offering newly remodeled private rooms, an expanded surgery center, a Wound Center, and a 23,500-square-foot Outpatient Rehabilitation Services Center.

Today, the hospital employs more than 450 professionals who are dedicated to caring for the people of Fort Madison and surrounding communities.


Fort Madison Community Hospital has worked with CEC on many technology projects, beginning with an infant security system for its OB area in 2005.

With a nurse call system that was nearly two decades old, the hospital was ready to invest in new technology. The existing system offered limited functionality and had reached its end of life. The hospital hadn’t been able to integrate Stryker beds with the existing nurse call technology and was hoping to find a new solution that would allow them to do so.

Before a decision was made, staff considered three nurse call systems. Impressed by its open platform and integrability, the hospital chose to work with CEC to implement a new Rauland Responder 5 nurse call system. Not only would it optimize workflow and boost patient and staff satisfaction levels, but it would also let the hospital integrate other systems they hadn’t been able to in the past.


After working with CEC to design and install a new nurse call system, Fort Madison Community Hospital now has:

  • An open-architecture nurse call solution that allows integration of Stryker beds and other existing technology—something the hospital hadn’t been able to do before.
  • RTLS integration to quickly locate staff when someone needs to speak with them or a patient requires attention.
  • A nurse call solution that indicates specific patient needs, saving valuable time.
  • Built-in reporting that seamlessly gathers data for easier decision-making about patient care.
  • Customizability so lights and tones can be configured based on specific workflows.
  • Scalability so the system can easily grow along with the hospital as needs change.

“CEC is incredible to work with. We kept going back to them due to budget changes, and they listened to everything with smiles on their faces. I give them lots of credit. We’ve worked with all levels at CEC and have always been very happy.”

Bob Schierbrock Director of Facilities Management, Fort Madison Community Hospital
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