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Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital

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In 1981, to maximize resources and provide broader healthcare services throughout the community, Sacred Heart Hospital in Tomahawk, WI, and St. Mary’s Hospital in Rhinelander, WI, consolidated.

Operating today as Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital, the 55,700-square-foot, primary-care facility offers the best in personalized care through advanced technology, a wide range of healthcare services, and a team of physicians, nurses, and healthcare professionals who work closely together to promote healing.

Customer Needs

Prior to joining the Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital team as manager of facilities, Dave Phillip had worked closely with CEC in the early 1990s on his previous employer’s fire alarm systems.

When Phillip later started his career at St. Mary’s Hospital – before it combined with Sacred Heart Hospital – one of the first things he encountered was an aging surveillance system that presented maintenance and management challenges. Based on his previous experiences with CEC, he brought the team in to St. Mary’s Hospital to take a closer look. Shortly after, the decision was made to install a new camera system. CEC led the project and Phillip was pleased with its performance.

When it was time for the combined Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital to investigate a new camera system, Phillip turned to CEC once again. The hospital’s existing camera system was outdated; components were failing and replacement parts were hard to find.

After meeting with CEC to learn about new camera system capabilities and view a current system and its capabilities in action, the hospital decided to invest in a new IP surveillance solution.


Now that the surveillance system is installed, Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital has:

  • The latest IP cameras to support high-definition and 4K video
  • Remote IP licenses so the facilities team can view live and recorded video remotely from mobile devices
  • Cameras that comply with recommendations from the local police department and are positioned in appropriate locations to track potential active shooter events
  • Video analytics that deliver actionable insights to detect and understand emerging security issues
  • Uninterrupted access to surveillance video – even if the server connection is lost
  • Encrypted stored video, video streaming between apps and servers, and video from the camera for maximum privacy and protection
  • No more worries about camera system downtime due to the inability to locate replacement parts
  • The option to add other features down the road that integrate with the camera system, including ID scanners, facial recognition, biometrics, and threat-level management

“CEC wanted to make sure that the final quote and project scope was exactly what I wanted. After re-examining it, we ended up adding cameras in different places and changing the scope of the work a little to meet our current needs. The technical support from CEC has been very good.”

Dave Phillip Manager of Facilities, Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital
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