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Decorah Community School District

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Decorah Community School District is committed to creating a student-centered environment where individual needs are addressed, cooperation and teamwork are valued, competent professionals lead, community partnerships flourish, a commitment to excellence prevails, and lifelong learning continues. The district provides instructional services to 1,700 K-12 students.

Customer Needs

When Decorah Community School District built its middle school, it needed a contractor to complete the data network project; CEC won the award with the electrical contractor for the project. After the network was complete, CEC continued its partnership with the district by providing security and access control solutions.


CEC has partnered with the Decorah Community School District on several technology integration projects since the initial data network project. CEC is the district’s preferred vendor of choice, even though the district doesn’t always get to choose in bid processes.

By working with CEC, Decorah Community School District now has:

  • A single-mode fiber optic network that connects all of Decorah Community School District’s buildings and its servers. This network centralization has increased communication capabilities between the district’s six facilities. Staff efficiency has also increased because of the technologies that are now run over the fiber network.
  • Surveillance cameras that decrease administrative time. In the event of an incident, the surveillance system provides easy access to archived video content that can quickly and easily be reviewed.
  • A way to deter crime and misconduct. The surveillance cameras not only protect the interests of the students and staff on campus, but also serve as a way to discourage delinquency.
  • A security system that allows volunteers and community members quicker access to the school and decreases administrative and management time spent on access control. The access control cards are activated and deactivated according to when (and if) that person needs access to that part of the building

The service piece I get from CEC is over the top. It’s that touch of class that you don’t see many places anymore. CEC has a commitment to the customer and the service they provide. They want it to be done well and done right … the first time. That means so much to us.

Kurt MJ DeVore Director of Information Systems & Technology, Decorah Community School District
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