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Grace Lutheran Church



Grace Lutheran Church was founded in the Des Moines, IA, area in the 1920s. As the church continues to grow, it has expanded its education unit and fellowship hall, and added a gathering space, 125-seat chapel, prayer chapel, and daycare center.

Customer Needs

The church was dealing with a speaker system that was at least 45 years old. The speakers were designed to broadcast the spoken word, but didn’t function as well when broadcasting music. Church members had difficulties hearing worship services clearly unless they sat in a specific place within the sanctuary; even then, the music and sermon weren’t always easy to follow. Because the speakers were decades old, it was becoming harder to find parts to make the necessary repairs. During a visit to Windsor Heights Lutheran Church in Des Moines to see its new addition, the pastor at Grace Lutheran Church noticed the audio and video system – and asked who had helped with the project. The answer: CEC. So Grace Lutheran Church contacted CEC via its website to learn more about professional sound systems.


To help Grace Lutheran Church hear the difference that a new sound system could make, CEC brought in a demonstration unit to help them make their decision and create excitement about the improvements that could be made. With a new professional sound system in place, Grace Lutheran Church now has:

  • A solution that clearly broadcasts the spoken word and music without unwanted floor or ceiling sound reflection.
  • Reduced need for assisted listening devices; several members can now hear well enough through the new speakers that they no longer require assisted listening technology.
  • Consistent, quality sound improvement throughout the sanctuary, with outstanding vocal intelligibility and wide horizontal sound coverage that allows people to sit wherever they’d like and still enjoy each word or note.
  • A sound system that doesn’t require constant repair, saving on maintenance costs and time spent searching for parts.
  • Comprehensive sound controls that allow the church to adjust the sound as needed to improve the worship experience.

After our new sound system was installed, a few people said they’ve finally been able to hear a worship service for the first time in years. They can understand every word. CEC’s installation crew did a great job. There’s no longer a bad seat in the house.

Michael Schmidt Pastor, Grace Lutheran Church
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