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Mudd Advertising

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Mudd Advertising is an advertising and direct marketing agency that is renowned for a results-driven mentality. To serve 3,000 clients across the country, Mudd employs more than 160 people in sales, client services, creative, art, television and radio production, database marketing, and public relations. Mudd Advertising is also home to Iowa’s largest film studio.

Customer Needs

Mudd was ready to upgrade to VoIP phones, so an RFP was created to examine all available options. The company had a certain phone solution in mind, but CEC wasn’t able to take the project on due to commitments with current customers. As a result, Mudd’s phone system was installed by another integrator. The phones functioned well until an update was implemented. After the update, the VoIP system started dropping calls, which ultimately cost the company business due to lack of quality communication with customers.


On a holiday weekend, Mudd called on CEC to get the VoIP phones up and running again. CEC sent engineers to the jobsite; within a few days, the phone system was fixed and running properly. After partnering with CEC, Mudd Advertising has:

  • A reliable VoIP phone system with no more dropped calls. Since Mudd was no longer “hanging up” on its customers, the company was able to win back business.
  • The capability to manage office voicemails from e-mail inboxes. Receiving voicemail messages to e-mail inboxes lets Mudd employees manage their office voicemails remotely from the e-mail inboxes on their cell phones.
  • VoIP phones that carry voice calls over Mudd’s IT network, so most problems can be handled by IT staff vs. bringing in outside help.
  • Phones that are automatically recognized when they’re plugged into Mudd’s network, which eliminates the cost and complexity of adding or moving phones within the organization.

CEC cares not only on the service side, but they also went above and beyond to learn about our business so they could find better ways to help us. Our tagline is, ‘We love it when you succeed.’ CEC emulates that same kind of philosophy. The company looks for ways to take care of their customers. We like to work with people who think like we do.


Jim Sartorius CIO, Mudd Advertising
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