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National Czech & Slovak Museum



The National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library’s mission is to inspire people from every background to connect to Czech and Slovak history and culture. Its facility was moved to a new location after surviving the Iowa Flood of 2008. The rebuilt facility is 50,000 square feet in size, and is LEED-certified. More than 54,000 visitors visit the museum annually.

Customer Needs

During regular conference calls with its board of directors, the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library had to deal with poor sound quality and distracting background noise – and communication problems as a result. Hearing-impaired board members made it even more vital that these audio problems be addressed in order to hold efficient meetings and calls. The staff was also looking for a conference call upgrade that could be completed quickly; their goal was to get the technology implemented before their next meeting with the board of directors.


CEC eliminated the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library’s standard batwinged conference phone solution and integrated a quality AV conferencing solution that was ready in time for the museum’s next audio conference with its board of directors. With this communications solution now in place, the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library has:

  • An easy-to-use touchscreen panel that controls conference call audio features with simple, intuitive commands.
  • Hanging conference microphones that pick up voices in a 360-degree area, and ensure that all callers can hear every word without the distraction of background noises or audio interference.
  • An audio conference system that allows everyone on the call – including those with hearing impairments – to follow along during meetings.
  • Increased efficiency during conference calls. This audio technology reduces the need to repeat information and explain what’s happening to remote callers who aren’t in the room to follow the conversation.
  • Improved call satisfaction for board members. Callers who used to have difficulty hearing and following along during conference calls no longer complain about the poor sound quality.

CEC was willing and able to work with our tight timeline and find a cost-effective solution that would also address our audio problems. The new conferencing system is easy to use, improved sound quality, and makes our calls go much smoother.

Grant Smith Director of Facilities, National Czech & Slovak Museum
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