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North Iowa Area Community College Classroom Standardization



As Iowa’s oldest community college, North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC) has been educating students of all ages and abilities since 1918. The institution’s goal is to provide the four-year college experience at a two-year college price. Each year, NIACC serves more than 2,900 degree-seeking students across 70 programs and credential options – and thousands more through continuing education.

Customer Needs

To reduce the amount of time it took faculty to become acquainted with the technology in each classroom, NIACC implemented a standardization initiative across college grounds. By deploying the same technology in each learning space, instructions would no longer be needed and faculty would know how to run any classroom on campus.

After the standardization project was complete, the IT team asked for feedback – and discovered that, while faculty enjoyed and appreciated the streamlined technology, they wanted to make adjustments to projection delivery.


CEC introduced NIACC to a projection solution that allows images to be portrayed on the front wall without faculty having to stand in front of the projector or struggle with light shining in their direction.

After rolling out wall-mount, short-throw projectors in 10 standardized classrooms, these NIACC spaces now offer:

  • Projectors that are out of the way of students and faculty
  • Decreased shadow disturbances and interruptions due to the projector’s light
  • Bright, crisp, and clear projection images that are the same size as images from a traditional projector
  • Captivating, large pictures with a projection distance that’s less than half of a traditional projector
  • Easy-to-use projection capabilities that are the same in several classrooms, shortening the usage learning curve

“CEC values us as a customer and they want to make sure everything always goes really well. We see CEC as a partner vs. a vendor that sells you something and then walks away.”

Josh Mack CIO, NIACC
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