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Oshkosh Area School District

TECHNOLOGIES: Fire and Security


Oshkosh Area School District is a school district located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  It has about 10,000 students and operates 14 elementary schools, five middle schools, two high schools, and one charter school housed within the Perry Tipler Middle School building. The district is governed by a seven-person Board of Education which is elected at large for three-year terms, as well as a superintendent of schools.

Customer Needs

Focused on managing the challenges of supporting 21 different buildings, the Oshkosh Area School District was looking for a new provider for their fire alarm upgrades and inspection services.  Requirements for this new partner included the ability to work with the numerous manufacturer systems, provide long term open source solutions and have an experienced team to provide plans and direction that would allow the district choices in the future.   


While at the WASBO Custodial Conference, Oshkosh met CEC and based on great recommendations from other organizations they decided to put CEC to the test.  The district worked with the team to add a new fire alarm system and become the provider for test and inspection services.  This new partnership proved to be the right choice with improvements for the district including:   

  • Creation of a phased approach long-term plan that improves both monitoring and life safety systems in the district.
  • On-line reporting that is readily available to share with the fire chief.
  • Coding and tracking of devices in the district.
  • Time savings on scheduling and communications for inspections.
  • Confidence in the on-site service staff to identify issues and work with the school district personnel affected in each building. 

CEC gave the district a partner to rely on to communicate with our staff as well as design systems and plans that allow us choices in the future.


David Hoh Custodial Supervisor, Oshkosh Area School District
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