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Ralston Foods

TECHNOLOGIES: Fire and Security


Ralston Foods is a leading manufacturer of store-brand breakfast cereals. Ralston Foods Company is one of the Midwest’s most prominent cereal product companies and is the world’s largest producer of private-label, oats-related products. Ralston has been making cereal for more than 100 years; it currently supplies more than 50 ready-to-eat and hot cereals throughout the United States. 

Customer Needs

Ralston wanted to replace its current fire and security systems. The company needed a system that would:

  • Allow staff to use one badge to access buildings and use with time clocks.
  • Monitor building and grounds 24/7.
  • Be easy for the technical and non-technical staff to manage.
  • Comply with all necessary fire and security codes and procedures.



After removing the current systems, CEC implemented a new access control platform and fire and security system, as well as a versatile IP video surveillance solution that enabled Ralston to manage its life safety and security systems. This new security management and fire life safety solution enables Ralston to:

  • Manage intrusion detection for external entrances with access control for all buildings and any interior secured locations.
  • Have an easy-to-manage, cost-effective security solution that uses a multi-purpose card for multiple systems.
  • Monitor the building 24/7 and comply with fire, life safety, and security procedures.
  • Manage recording and security surveillance from remote locations, and provide necessary incident reporting.
  • Use an application that extends easily to all parts of the enterprise with an appropriate degree of security at the door.
  • Expand when necessary to include additional IP cameras and access control and fire safety additions.

It was great to work with a strong team that has such a depth of knowledge, training, and talent. CEC listens to our needs, has a fast response time on service, and always makes itself available for assistance on our systems.

Jason Hrabak LAN Administrator, Ralston Foods
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