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Roshek Building

TECHNOLOGIES: Audio/Video | Fire and Security


Gronen Properties manages high-quality commercial space in historic buildings in downtown Dubuque, IA. The Roshek Building is owned by Dubuque Initiatives and was rehabilitated by Gronen Restoration; Gronen Properties acts as the property manager. With Gronen Properties, everything old is new again; the company is dedicated to restoring and renewing Dubuque’s past into viable, sustainable structures for Dubuque’s future.

Customer Needs

Gronen Properties needed to enhance the Roshek Building’s existing security system without disrupting its historic look and feel. The addition of access control to exterior doors, along with installing more surveillance cameras, was at the top of the list. Managing office space for high-tech tenants who place great value on security, Gronen Properties wanted a security solution that would exceed tenant expectations. The company also wanted help with camera placement; the security system needed to be installed before tenant locations were determined, and before the building’s interior was finished. Those factors made it difficult to decide where camera installation would be most helpful and practical.


CEC designed and installed a security solution for Gronen Properties that addressed requests from the company and its high-tech tenants. As a result of partnering with CEC, Gronen Properties now has:

  • Thirty-nine cameras that make up the interior/exterior surveillance solution. The system features proper camera placement without disrupting the historic building’s aesthetics.
  • The ability to automatically lock down doors in case of an emergency via the access control system.
  • A security system that acts as a selling point for prospective tenants, and a reason for current tenants to renew their lease agreements.
  • Video surveillance that is backed up and stored for easy identification and retrieval in case an incident needs to be reviewed.

CEC came into our building, and it was a natural fit. The company was able to provide exactly what we were looking for: a reliable, quality system that ensures tenant safety. We’re in an aggressive leasing state, and we talk intensely about the security systems and their benefits. These systems are attractive to prospective tenants, and our current tenants like them.

Jeff Rusch Facility Manager, Roshek Building
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