HCI Interactive Digital Whiteboards

HCI's Interactive Hybrid Patient Whiteboard is here to fully digitize and integrate a patient’s room. Able to communicate with MediaCare and automatically update information, it allows the care team to focus on the most important person in the room, the patient.


  • Increase Patient Education: Increase HCAHPS satisfaction scores with push education for health literacy. Reduce readmissions and associated costs. Monitor education comprehension.

  • Identify: Identify care team members. Reduce delays when care team is needed for alerts. Provide patients a sense of comfort on who is in their room.

  • Automate: Reduce manual tasks for staff; reduce task saturation and burnout. Allows staff to focus immediately on the patient while documenting care. Reduce burden on caregivers.

  • Improve Care: Use aggregated data to improve processes and patient care with reporting on alert response times, education and patient status. Streamline staff workflows.

  • Reduce Costs: Reduce the costs of printed paper for educational materials. Drive pharmacy fulfillment, gift shop, cafeteria and other retail ordering from patient rooms.

  • Higher Satisfaction Rates: Entertainment options over the TV provide positive distraction and relief from stress and boredom. Social, streaming and on-demand movies available.

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HCI TV has been building patient engagement and entertainment systems since 2002. At our core, we are innovators. We genuinely believe that innovative approaches to common healthcare dilemmas will create happier patients, financially viable healthcare providers and ultimately, healthier communities.

HCI has introduced many firsts to the healthcare industry including the universal pillow speaker control and the first integrated TV media player. HCI was also the first television manufacturer to bring Android TV to the healthcare market. When most people look at a TV monitor in a hospital room, they see only a TV.  We see an opportunity to use technology to:

  • Improve patient health
  • Streamline clinician workflows
  • Deliver significant cost savings, increase ancillary hospital revenue, and protect reimbursement revenue

We see the need to engage with patients and families beyond the inpatient stay. That’s why we have designed MediaCare to help patients before, during and after their hospital stay.



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