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Ruckus Wireless delivers simply better wireless to 65,000+ customers worldwide. Its Smart Wi-Fi platform delivers scalable, high-performance Wi-Fi with simplified control and management for on-premise and cloud-based Wi-Fi deployments, secure on-boarding, location services, and analytics that enable new business opportunities.

Here's how Ruckus Wireless can help different types of organizations ...

Elevate the Student Experience with Ruckus Smart Campus Solutions
A Smart Campus starts with ubiquitous, reliable wired and wireless connectivity indoors and out. It includes management solutions, network intelligence, and location-based services to create a unified system that brings intelligence and decision-making closer to users and devices, and gives administrators the technology to make the campus safer and more efficient.

White Paper:
10 Myths About Wi-Fi in Higher Education

Introducing the Smart Campus

Enhancing the Connected Guest Experience
Today’s travelers are more tech savvy than ever and expect fast, reliable internet connectivity – for all their devices and multimedia applications, everywhere on your hotel property – or they may not return. That’s why 70% of the world’s hospitality market relies on Ruckus. Our Wi-Fi solutions are the gold standard for hoteliers around the globe, and we also deliver solutions for IoT services and CBRS/LTE mobile coverage.

Hospitality: Give Your Guests a Better Network Experience

A Connected Classroom for Digital Learning with Ruckus Solutions
Almost all the latest classroom technologies—laptops, tablets, digital learning applications, online games, and apps—now connect over the Wi-Fi network, and they’re chewing up huge amounts of bandwidth. With Ruckus, you can provide the highest device density per AP, wired network scaling capabilities, flexible management infrastructure and easiest device onboarding available to deliver the best digital education experience.

White Paper:
Transforming the Network with Ruckus Campus Fabric

Smart Wi-Fi for Even Smarter Cities
Across the globe, cities are exploring the use of connected technologies in a bid to become “smart”. Connectivity is a foundational layer to Smart Cities, both for Internet access and new digital services, such as IoT applications. Innovative wired and wireless technologies from Ruckus are enabling city planners to make smarter decisions and deliver better services for citizens and tourists alike.

Deliver Better Wi-Fi with Ruckus APs
A growing number of devices now need to be reliably connected to the internet in device-dense areas, from coffee shops and classrooms to stadiums and transit hubs. With devices using data-intensive applications like 4k video streaming that require intense bandwidth, some wireless environments are having trouble keeping up, but Ruckus can help. Our indoor and outdoor wireless access points fit just about any budget, performance requirement and deployment scenario.

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