4 New Ways AI Tech Supports Smart Surveillance


Having surveillance cameras in place is a good first step to protect the people in your building—the devices can record suspicious activity, act as a visual deterrent to prevent crime, and help you investigate an incident after it occurs.

But integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into your existing system can let you do so much more with your cameras, maximizing the investment you’ve already made. This technology brings about new functionality, makes your cameras “smarter,” and helps you use surveillance in different ways.

AI can also act as a new set of eyes, constantly monitoring environments and alerting you to changes right away so your team knows about potential problems earlier. It’s like having someone on staff who’s 100% dedicated to watching your video surveillance—without missing a thing.

We’ve rounded up four ways that AI technology supports smart video surveillance systems.

1. It Distinguishes the Presence of Weapons

Artificial intelligence can be used to help cameras detect the presence of a weapon—even before it’s used—so response can happen faster.

For example, if someone pulls into your parking lot, exits their vehicle, and puts a weapon in his or her pocket before they approach the building, an AI-enabled surveillance system can let you know what it detects—a firearm or knife, for example, or the posture of someone who may have a weapon—before the person even reaches your doors.

From there, you can make decisions about how and who needs to respond.

2. It Identifies Potential Slip and Fall Risks

Whether you’re dealing with a school, hospital, retail, or office environment, you don’t want anyone to experience a slip or fall on your property. It can lead to injury, workers’ compensation settlements, general liability claims, and higher insurance rates.

Many times, however, no one notices a trip hazard until it’s too late—and that’s where artificial intelligence enters the picture. It notifies you about any change in the environment that may create the potential for a slip or fall: a freshly mopped floor, a spilled beverage, wet spots from tracked-in snow, etc.

AI can tell you exactly where the hazard is so it can be taken care of. Meanwhile, the technology also continues to monitor the scene until everything returns to normal.

If someone does happen to slip or fall—regardless of the cause—the system sends an alert so your team can act right away and decrease the amount of time someone spends waiting for help.

3. It Detects Potential Trespassers or Missing Employees

Without going to check, how would you know if someone managed to gain entry into your data center (or a space that’s typically vacant)? How would you know if an employee who’s supposed to be sitting at the front desk is 45 minutes late to work?

In both cases, these situations could signal potential problems. Do you have a trespasser trying to access valuable information? Should someone check on your receptionist? It’s not like her to no-show.

When someone is present or absent in specific conditions or circumstances, AI can let you know. It can also alert you to the sudden formation of crowds or other markers that may indicate a possible threat (such as someone in a ski mask).

4, It Prevents Violence from Escalating

Even though violence is expressed in different ways—robberies, physical altercations, someone throwing an object, etc.—artificial intelligence has learned to identify certain behaviors, postures, and actions that indicate potentially violent situations.

Whether it’s two students, an angry customer, or a trespasser, cameras with integrated AI technology can alert you to inappropriate behavior so action can be taken to prevent escalation.

Integrating AI Technology with Your Camera System
CEC is proud to partner with Iowa-based IntelliSee, an artificial intelligence computer vision platform that turns existing surveillance cameras into proactive risk-mitigation tools.

Through this partnership, we can help you turn your existing cameras into a smart system that maximizes your security investment and brings about new functionality in the equipment you already have. Want to learn more? Send us a note.


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