Security incidents aren’t limited to include terrorist attacks or active shooters – your organization needs to be prepared for any type of situation that may threaten people, data, or assets. CEC can design and implement a layered security approach to protect your organization from the outside in. We’ll take into account how your business operates, any future plans, existing security systems, and potential integration opportunities with other technology. 

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Security Planning

The best way to make sure you’re prepared for a security threat is to have a contingency plan in place. CEC can help your organization develop a strategy to protect people, information, and assets. We start by identifying the important parts of your business and determine the risk and vulnerability levels. Then we help you create policies that can reduce risk, and pinpoint actions to defend against liability and loss. Finally, we’ll identify security systems that can be deployed to improve safety and protection, and make sure your staff knows how to use them. 

Situational Awareness

Only when you know what’s going on in and around your enterprise can you do something about it. Situational awareness aggregates security video, human behavior, cyber activity, social media, and asset intelligence to correlate complex threats that usually go undetected when employing individual systems. It can also match a potential vulnerability to a threat source, telling you where something is about to occur. This information is sent to the right people on the right devices so that appropriate actions can be taken quickly to prevent loss and liability.


Depending on the specific threat, a lockdown is the best response – whether it’s a chemical spill or an active shooter. But how do you communicate the lockdown message, share special instructions, and track the location of employees and visitors, as well as signal an “all-clear”. When integrated with security systems, lockdown technology can trigger automated lockdowns based on specific events. By sending notifications to nearby occupants’ devices and contacting local first responders, people inside the building will know what to do, be assured that help is on the way, and receive important instructions: full campus lockdowns for gun shots or partial lockdowns non-weapon situations, for example. Installing muster readers will help you quickly identify employee locations during a lockdown.

Mass Notification

Mass notifications can help you reach an audience in targeted zones, buildings, or groups based on location or role. Threat notifications can be sent to digital signage, computer screens, tablets, and smartphones, as well as trigger strobe lights and audio messages over loudspeakers. By using more than one method to communicate critical messages (such as evacuate, take cover, etc.), you can be sure that everyone will receive them. Mass notification systems can also allow your audience to confirm message receipt, and send replies if necessary. CEC can design a mass notification system that meets the requirements of your industry while also being easy to use.

Access Control

Access control solutions come in many forms, granting entry via keypads, smart cards, mobile devices, turnstiles and speed lanes, or high-tech biometrics and touchless scanning. CEC can help you tailor the right technology for your organization, giving you the level of security you need while staying within budget and allowing for future growth. From preventing room or building entry by unauthorized individuals to controlling access times and locations for staff or third-party contractors, access control increases security for people, data, and assets. System reporting can provide audit trails to identify and provide information about users, providing solid evidence to pinpoint potential intruders or crimes.

Video Surveillance

Watching your property for suspicious activity – crime, trespassing, piggybacking/tailgating, or even smoke or fire – and recording, archiving, and analyzing events, video surveillance technology can be designed to send alerts and contact law enforcement before damage or loss occurs. Integrated video analytics can detect unexpected presence, capture license plate information, and detect unusual movement (running, slipping/falling, etc.). Federation allows several locations to be monitored and managed from one central command center, visually verifying alarms and observing events as they happen. CEC can determine the best placement for surveillance equipment, covering all spaces and angles so you don’t miss a thing. Video surveillance can also improve business processes, providing data on traffic counts and flow, product line efficiency, and shopping experiences. 

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