Cabling Infrastructure

The backbone of your AV, fire and security, IT, and two-way communications systems is your cabling infrastructure. Choosing the right kind of cabling, installing it correctly, and making sure it complies with standards is key to establishing a reliable network that supports increasing numbers of connected devices without bottlenecks or information delays. With an in-house, BICSI-authorized training facility, CEC’s RCDD engineers and BICSI installers work together to create systems that have flawless connectivity. 

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Category Cabling

Our BICSI-certified installers and technicians are trained on the proper installation methods for category cabling in commercial buildings. From Category 5e to futureproof Category 6 and 6A cabling, we’ll help you design and implement cabling infrastructure to support your users, along with the devices, applications, and technology they need. Category cabling can be installed to make MACs (moves, adds, and changes) fast and easy, with product and performance warranties of up to 25 years to ensure uptime and availability.  

Fiber Optic Cabling

The unique properties of fiber cabling require careful design and installation to maintain high bandwidth, security, and reduced signal loss. Our technicians and installers maintain BICSI certification and follow established guidelines, best practices, and standards to ensure a quality fiber installation. We can help you select between singlemode and multimode fiber technology, lead new cable installation projects, test system integrity, troubleshoot existing fiber systems, and perform emergency service and repair. 

Network Distribution Rooms

At the hub of your organization’s network is a centralized network distribution room (data center) that is responsible for storing, managing, and distributing data. To make sure these spaces run efficiently – using as little energy as possible while maintaining appropriate temperatures and humidity levels – we can design custom network distribution rooms using a combination of hot- and cold-aisle containment and passive/active containment solutions. We can also keep your network distribution rooms secure with room- and rack-level security to ensure uptime, regulatory compliance, and reduced risk of potential data breaches. Our power distribution and monitoring solutions improve efficiency, make the most of your floor space, and satisfy your business goals.



Protecting against unwanted interference and RF leakage is an important part of designing a cabling system for MATV and CATV. CEC can create complete fiber and coaxial system designs for all types and sizes of analog signal distribution systems, offering headend and distribution design. If your existing MATV/CATV cabling system isn’t performing as well as it used to, our technicians can perform signal strength testing to find and address potential problems.

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