CEC's Motorola Connect Plus System

Communication Across a Wide Geographic Area
Push a button and be connected to one or one hundred individuals. Two-way radios are easy to use with a push-to-talk feature, which enables the user to communicate instantly with anyone on the system. Two-way radios are designed to be utilized in extreme conditions and offer rugged features.

Reduce Cost and Improve Dispatch Capabilities
Businesses can enhance the way they communicate to create efficiencies and save money with our wide-area system. There is no infrastructure investment as CEC has already invested in the radio infrastructure. Push-to-talk, one-to-one calling, text messaging, GPS tracking, remote control, dispatching, lone worker status – the new MOTOTRBO portable and mobile digital radios enable dozens of compelling productivity applications that can improve efficiencies in your business.

 System Benefits:

  • Immediate two-way radio conversations
  • One-to-many and one-to-one voice capabilities
  • Digitally private frequencies for secure conversations
  • Seamless roaming wide area coverage between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City
  • Clean, clear frequencies with no interference and no dropped calls
  • Wide-area solutions for both voice and data
  • Data applications to aid with tasks such as opening gates and shutting off valves
  • No FCC license required
  • Approved for in-transit drivers – not impacted by Iowa distracted driver laws.

Who uses Connect Plus?
Commercial users requiring fast, flexible and clear communications over a larger than normal geographic area. Ask yourself;

  1. Do you have multiple employees or campus locations spread out over a large area in Eastern Iowa?
  2. Are you currently paying for cell phones to connect your employees to dispatch, or each other?
  3. Would one-to-many voice communications enhance your business efficiency?
  4. Will your communications systems perform flawlessly during times of emergency situations?

If you’ve answered yes to even one of these questions, CEC can help you.

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