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How Much is Your Security Plan Costing You?

During this presentation CEC's Executive Strategist in Enterprise Security, Garrett Chumbley, discussed some of the simple strategies that your company can utilize to support good decision-making as it relates to your Physical Security investments:
  • Where do we start? 
  • What information do we need?
  • What level of security do we need? 
  • What types of systems are the best fit?
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Ruckus Networks Introduces CBRS LTE

The August webinar highlighted CEC and Steve Wimsatt, Senior Director of New Market Development for Ruckus Networks. Steve discussed CBRS LTE, a new solution for private wireless networks. CBRS uses fully standard LTE that operates in the 3.5 GHz spectrum band using unique new spectrum licensing that allows any organization to reserve private spectrum at no cost. This allows private LTE to be used instead of either Wi-Fi or mobile operator networks to provide an ideal solution for wireless use cases that require high quality connectivity, robust security, mobility or extended range.  

This webinar explained:

  • The spectrum licensing model
  • Target use cases
  • Some of the early solutions.
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Incident Response 101

July's webinar covered high level tactics to build or mature your Incident Response and Planning program. Some of the points we covered are:

  • How do you start building a plan?
  • Who should be involved?
  • How can you make your existing plan better?
  • How should you test the plan?
  • Who should you contact if an incident occurs?
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Security Basics

CEC’s research indicates that security will be a leading issue again in 2019.

What is your business doing now to stay one step ahead of security threats in 2019? The Federal Government has attempted to tackle the task of assessing readiness and classifies businesses into tiers ranging from Partial (Tier 1) to Adaptive (Tier 4). Where does your organization rank in these tiers of readiness? Do you have a plan in place to get to an Adaptive status?

Your organization’s journey to Adaptive status isn’t typically completed in a calendar year without a clearly defined and documented plan. Where and how do you begin? We wouldn’t recommend tackling writing your plan without a partner. It’s easy to find businesses who offer broad security expertise as part of a wide array of solutions being offered. CEC believes in a system of protection which involves multiple entities who bring specific subject matter security expertise to your organizations seen, and oftentimes unseen, business threats.

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Office 365 Protection and Cloud Replication

Did your organization move to Office 365?

If your organization uses Exchange email online, SharePoint online, or OneDrive, do you know if your data is protected? Are you sure?

Join us for the December edition of our monthly webinar series to learn about Office 365 data retention shortcomings and hear about a solution to address those shortcomings.


 Watch this Webinar to:

  • Find out how to protect Office 365 data and how email can be quickly recovered.
  • Learn how you can protect SharePoint online and OneDrive and how the files can be restored with ease even after the recycle bin has been emptied.
  • Hear about an agent free solution that can replicate VMware virtual machines to Azure or AWS S3 for off-site replication or DR protection and is able to convert them back to a VMware VM and recover in the enterprise.
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Sophos Synchronized Security

Cybersecurity is an increasingly complex and rapidly changing environment.
Sophos protects your organization against cutting edge threats by bringing together its advanced threat prevention technologies to give you a multi-layered approach to advanced threat protection.
With Sophos’ Synchronized Security, each security product actively communicates and shares threat intelligence information across endpoint and network. Sophos provides a comprehensive security system - all tied together through a single, management console.
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