Building Experience in All Business Facets: Meet Bijan Noghrehkar

Becoming part of the CEC family seven years ago, Bijan Noghrehkar feels like he’s seen it all: Since 2014, he’s held six CEC positions in three Iowa cities.

In his first role, he worked as an infrastructure analyst for John Deere Waterloo in an outsource capacity. It was a seamless transition since he had been working at John Deere in an outsource capacity for another company doing deskside support.

After gaining some CEC experience, he added another title to his list of responsibilities: He became the team lead for all outsource employees dedicated to John Deere in the Des Moines and Waterloo area.

When an account manager position opened up in Cedar Rapids, Bijan decided he wanted to experience working in a non-outsource capacity for CEC, so he took on this sales-focused role to support clients like the University of Iowa, UnityPoint Health, and the Decorah Community School District.

After nearly a year, he was approached about another opportunity: serving as CEC’s service manager and head of the contract administration group, managing two contract administrators, two coordinators, and 12 technicians across Iowa and Wisconsin.

Finally, when an engineering position in CEC’s healthcare group became available in February 2018, Bijan moved to Des Moines to join the team. Two years later, he was promoted to a director-level position.

Meet CEC’s Director of Healthcare Engineering Bijan Noghrehkar!

Q: What makes you most excited about working at CEC?

The people for sure. That’s a common trend here. The people I get to work with are definitely what make my day. This role is fun because it takes my love of nerdiness and technology and lets me work with our clinical team to sell not only a system but also a solution that makes the lives of nurses and caregivers easier.

I get to be a nerd and a people person at the same time. I’m not confined to being too technical or too talkative. It’s a nice blend to be able to take my passion and personality and mesh the two.

Q: How does a typical day play out for you at CEC? What are you responsible for?

I spend most of my time supporting my team to remove their roadblocks so we can make sure we’re designing best-fit systems for our customers. I’m still very involved with supporting technical conversations and design and presales meetings and work.

Q: Is there a CEC initiative you’ve been involved with that you’re especially proud of?

I’m proud of the work I’ve done in this role and what we’ve been able to accomplish. Coming in as the second healthcare engineer, we’ve now built the team with four engineers who report to me. One has 46 years of experience, and that is incredible. Growing the team has been very rewarding.

Q: What’s a fun/interesting fact about you that most people don’t know?

I was born in Florence, Italy. I lived there until I was five. Then I came to Hampton, Iowa. I eventually ended up in Waterloo, and I lived there most of my life.

Q: How do you spend your free time?

I love hanging out with friends. I like to spend time in the gym to stay healthy. If I’m not working out or doing something at the gym, then I’m spending time with my girlfriend or my friends.

Q: If you could do one other job at CEC for a day, what would it be?

I’ve held so many positions, so I’ve gotten a taste for many of them. I’m going to say CEO for that unique perspective: having that overarching view of all the other suites beyond healthcare and understanding more about finance and project management. I also think being a technical project manager or foreman would be interesting for a day because they’re great examples of boots-on-the-ground leadership in the field.



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