Going far beyond static screens, video ensures that your message gives users clear, crisp, high-definition content. 

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Video Walls and Displays

With smartphones and tablets in the hands of almost everyone who enters your facility, employees and visitors now expect your messages to reach them digitally. Whether you’re a hotel, hospital, business, school, financial institution, retailer, government agency, or manufacturing plant, your communications can benefit from digital signage. Replacing information kiosks, bulletin boards, and standalone display systems of the past, digital signage allows you to deliver custom content on the fly or stream existing content (news, weather, sports, or a live event) in real time to as many of your digital displays as you like. 

Digital Signage

K-12 and higher-education environments have moved beyond traditional classroom settings to encourage better participation, collaboration, and group work. Instead of listening to lectures in class, many flipped classrooms are taking lectures online; in-class time is spent on hands-on, project-based learning. CEC offers technology to support interactive learning environments, which rely on networked AV, multimedia resources, videoconferencing tools, software, and 2D/3D visualization.

Content Distribution

Whether the need is local, or across a campus, content distribution allows your message to be delivered in high resolution with zero latency. Content distribution technology can utilize multiple transmission methods to reliably deliver perfect signals to your display – every time.

Networked Video

Using an IP network to transport video creates a dynamic and efficient video system. Utilizing this technology allows an IT-centric approach to video deployment using a standards-based video system. Boundaries are removed and video can be shared on internal or external networks, allowing your message to reach more places and more people. CEC installs these systems utilizing category cable, giving you more monitoring and device control.   

Visualization and Simulation

Provide an eye into another world in a safe and controlled manner. Visualization and simulation technology allows you to model, adapt, and enhance a space without ever being in it. 2D/3D visualization is extensively utilized in product development, training simulations, and facility development, allowing key decisions to be made without incurring high costs. We can design a virtual display solution to provide an immersive experience for one person or an entire group.

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