Effective audio is the foundation for communication. A customized system that is designed, tuned, and optimized correctly provides excellent audio coverage wherever needed so you can hear and be heard clearly – on an individual level or across an entire campus. 

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Intercom and Paging

Get any message out quickly and clearly with intercom and paging: provide instructions in an emergency situation, share daily updates, and communicate with visitors at your entrance who want building access. CEC can create a customized solution that offers two-way, point-to-point delivery as well as one-to-many communications. We can also design systems to operate in “zones” or across campuses, allowing you to customize a message to reach intended audience or areas. Intercoms and paging systems can also be integrated with other building systems, such as fire alarms and access control.

Networked Audio

Extend audio through a building of any size, or even across an entire campus.  Easily expandable, networked audio solutions can scale as your business grows without limitations of cable or infrastructure. Installation is quick, minimizing business disruption and downtime. Taking a networked approach adds redundancy and system stability while providing excellent quality audio on a standards-based platform.  

Professional Sound

Crowds roaring, thunderous applause, people cheering on their favorite teams – delivering important information above the excitement of an auditorium, gymnasium, house of worship, sports venue, or any other indoor/outdoor performance space requires a professional sound solution. We’ll help you create an immersive experience that brings people closer to the action. Engage your audience, create the right ambiance, and get your message across – no matter what type of performance or event is happening.

Acoustic Modeling

Not sure what type of audio system is best for your building? Want to know how the audio will sound in your space before you invest in a new system? Acoustic modeling ensures that your audio system will perform at the level you expect, with excellent speech intelligibility and industry-standard compliance. CEC can identify potential obstacles before the project starts for a more accurate sound-system deployment. With acoustic modeling, speaker locations will be aesthetically pleasing and there won’t be a bad seat in the house.


Open-office environments are prevalent, but their high noise levels can impact workplace productivity and increase mistake-causing distractions. Soundmasking improves audio privacy and comfort, providing confidentiality during sensitive conversations, along with a distraction-free work environment. Depending on your facility type, soundmasking also helps you meet HIPAA and ASTM standards for speech privacy.

Assistive Listening

Hearing-assistance technology helps people fully understand and comprehend what they hear in public venues or see on video displays. Students in classrooms, guests in a theater, employees in staff meetings, or churchgoers in a house of worship can all benefit from this technology. You can provide an inclusive experience for people with hearing loss, helping them hear sound easily and naturally. Assistive-listening technology also complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act’s Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities.

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