Collaboration is all about letting your team meet efficiently, whether they’re in the same space or a different location. The look, feel, sound, and quality of your meeting spaces allows all participants to actively engage in conversations. When AV is integrated to create smarter, more personalized systems, you save time, money, and resources.

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Huddle Spaces

In today’s fast-paced work environments, sometimes meetings happen on the fly – or when a conference room isn’t available. Huddle spaces offer all the technology you need for impromptu conversations, idea sharing, and brainstorming, offering just as much connectivity as a traditional meeting space. From interactive displays and presentation gateways to simple videoconferencing systems, CEC can help you create huddle spaces that keep employees connected and motivated.

Interactive Learning Environments

K-12 and higher-education environments have moved beyond traditional classroom settings to encourage better participation, collaboration, and group work. Instead of listening to lectures in class, many flipped classrooms are taking lectures online; in-class time is spent on hands-on, project-based learning. CEC offers technology to support interactive learning environments, which rely on networked AV, multimedia resources, videoconferencing tools, software, and 2D/3D visualization.


Instead of driving or flying to have face-to-face discussions, an immersive video experience brings that same type of interaction straight to your office without incurring the costs of travel expenses. Whether you’re bringing a decentralized team together for weekly touchpoints, checking in on clients around the globe, gathering the executive team for strategic planning, or interviewing potential job candidates, videoconferencing eliminates geographical boundaries, taking you wherever you need to go – whenever you need to get there.

Resource Scheduling Systems

Make the most of your meeting space with a resource scheduling system. Employees can effectively manage conference rooms and other gathering spaces, easily find available areas to meet, and monitor AV equipment remotely. You’ll know immediately if a device isn’t working right; when systems need service, you can troubleshoot from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. A user-friendly dashboard offers easy control of lights, HVAC, and AV systems so room environments can be customized as needed. Built-in asset management and tracking tells you where your AV devices are, how much they’re being used, and when they might require maintenance.

Corporate Meeting Spaces

Whether it’s a boardroom, atrium, or training center, many organizations still need traditional meeting space where people can gather in person. Intuitive, easy-to-use meeting room technology allows for effective content delivery. These spaces integrate technology to enhance the user experience and provide an impressive space to welcome visitors. 

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