The network is the foundation for your technology. The network has evolved from being a business luxury to a business requirement – and is now a potential competitive advantage. CEC’s decades of experience in designing, implementing, and extending networks throughout this transition will help you create the platform you need to make smart decisions, streamline operations, identify trends, analyze statistics, and share information.

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Wireless Infrastructure

More devices than ever are connecting wirelessly to our networks, revolutionizing communications – and CEC has been there since the beginning of the wireless evolution. Our engineers and technicians have experience to lead you through a new implementation, optimize an existing system, or mobilize a Wcurrent business function. By surveying and measuring signal strength, analyzing background interference, and ensuring security on a network no longer constrained by physical walls, we’ll help you support growing numbers of applications and users, and plan for the future.

Wired Infrastructure

Once restricted to phones and a few expensive computers, networks now permeate nearly every area of technology. As wireless connectivity increases, your wired infrastructure must be robust and reliable enough to support this evolution. CEC has been – and continues to be – on the forefront of wired infrastructure, as Ethernet networks absorb proprietary networks, such as telephony, intercom, security, AV systems and nurse call systems. We’ll help you push the boundaries of what can be connected to your network, and maximize the advantages of this connectivity.

Performance Monitoring

As your network’s reach and functionality expand, so does your organization’s reliance on its performance. Downtime is no longer an option – every minute without network access leads to productivity decreases and lost revenue that can’t be recovered. CEC can help you evaluate the ongoing state of your network, monitor traffic and resource utilization, troubleshoot potential network issues in real time, and assess problems with network-connected devices and applications to improve uptime and availability. 

Information Security

Your organization’s information may be its most valuable asset. Keeping your data safe while making it easily accessible to staff and business partners requires a unique, customized approach that takes your needs and the landscape of available security solutions into consideration. We’ll help you go beyond traditional approaches of “locked down” vs. “not locked down” to ensure that your information is protected yet available to the appropriate people whenever it’s needed.

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