Storage, Virtualization, and Recovery

Defining IT parameters for your organization is key to designing the right solution to prevent downtime, protect your data no matter what, and recover from business disruption. Gartner statistics show that 40% of all companies that experience a major disaster will go out of business if they can’t gain access to their data within 24 hours. Our team can assess your current strategies for storage, virtualization, and recovery, and then help develop a protection and recovery strategy as part of a long-term business continuity solution. 

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As your company grows, so does the amount of data it uses. Whether you need a storage solution for business-critical virtualized workloads, files and unstructured data, or backups, CEC can design and implement a solution to fit your business goals and budget. Conducting non-invasive storage utilization and performance assessments provide us with insight to develop a customized, futureproof storage strategy. We’ll offer storage recommendations and designs based on not only our experience, but also data obtained through assessments and discussions about needs, wants, pain points, preferred manufacturers, and budget. Our resilient, efficient, fast, and scalable storage solutions are affordable and easy to manage.


Offering profound new ways for servers and data centers to perform, virtualization uses less physical hardware, making deployment faster, maintenance easier, disaster recovery simpler, and energy costs lower. It also removes the hassles of being tied down to a single vendor. Hyper-convergence offers a flexible, simpler, software-defined approach to managing data center infrastructure. It can be used to run mission-critical applications and server virtualization, or deploy general-purpose workloads, virtual-desktop infrastructure, analytics, and remote workloads. Our team provides expertise on every phase of virtualization and hyper-convergence – from planning and design to implementation, deployment, and support optimization. We offer scalable, cost-effective, and agile solutions that consolidate infrastructure, reduce complexity and human error, and increase efficiency of IT operations.  

Recovery/Business Continuity

Are you prepared to handle any IT disaster that comes your way? Natural disasters, fire, human error, and ransomware can all be devastating to your business in terms of lost revenue, unhappy customers, and missed opportunities. Timely recovery is key in today’s fast-paced, competitive world. Is your data protected? Can you recover your business-critical servers? Our business-continuity solutions help ensure that your organization can continue its mission with few disruptions while the problem is managed and eliminated. We can also help you put together a plan to reduce risk and avoid unplanned downtime events.

Endpoint Protection Solutions

The weakest point of an organization’s security is usually the endpoints: desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones connected to your network. Endpoints are targeted every minute of every day. The sheer number of connected devices presents an unprecedented opportunity for hackers. Security threats and attacks are increasingly sophisticated, aimed at everything from critical infrastructure to medical devices. Our centrally managed security solutions proactively protect against zero-day exploits (software or hardware holes), targeted attacks, and human error. Intelligently protect your data against theft, hackers and malware, and accidental data loss with synchronized encryption solutions that continuously validate users, applications, and security integrity before allowing devices to access encrypted data. 

Existing endpoint security or antivirus software can be augmented with anti-exploit, anti-ransomware solutions that offer root-cause analysis and advanced system-clean technology to prevent malicious attacks.


Monitoring your technology performance and security levels gives you the information you need to make adjustments in real time so you can efficiently manage threats, reduce downtime, and catch potential problems early before they become major issues. CEC customizes workflow processes and sets key thresholds that monitor and capture your server issues, allowing you to quickly identify problems and communicate with the right people on your staff. 

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