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Analytics and Reporting

Need to know how many calls your staff makes? Want to record phone conversations to review later? Looking for a way to better monitor and manage call flow? Wondering where incoming calls are coming from? The old adage is true: You can’t manage what you don’t measure. We can design analytics and reporting systems to help you gain critical insight into your most used communications systems. We can even schedule reports to run automatically so you always have the data you need at your fingertips.

Cloud – Hybrid – Onsite

There is no longer just one option when it comes to unified communications. Your organization’s future plans, budget, control requirements, and onsite staff resources can determine whether an onsite, cloud, or hybrid solution is best. Onsite systems allow you to manage the system yourself, controlling applications and options – they also come with a larger capital expense, which can be depreciated and amortized over time. Cloud solutions host unified communications remotely; consume services on demand as part of your operating expenses and you pay for what you use. A hybrid solution combines the two options; some elements remain onsite while others are hosted in the cloud. This option works well for corporate/branch office scenarios.


No matter the type of conferencing system you choose – audio, web, or video – CEC can design it so it is easy to use, scalable for future growth, and improves internal and external communication. Today’s technology allows users to share not only audio, but also content, video, to increase engagement, decrease travel expenses, remove geographical barriers, and run meetings more effectively using whatever tools are available (phones, tablets, computers, etc.). Bring together multiple people scattered across the globe to foster communication and improve relationship building.

Custom Applications and Integration

If you need to create specific systems or applications – or integrate them into your unified communications system – CEC can help. From nurse call and AV systems to fire/security and two-way communications, unified communications can be integrated with other building systems to maximize the value of your existing technology. CEC can even help customize your software, hardware, and services to extend the capabilities of your unified communications systems. Deploy emergency notification applications, connect CRM systems, integrate third-party functionality – there is so much that can be done to address your business challenges.

Multimedia Contact Centers

We can help you provide better customer service and adapt to the demands of your customers to maintain quality interaction. Get the right tools in place to support voice, email, web chat, and other platforms. Empower your customers to reach you using whichever technology they choose.  Improving customer service and response times, reduce average wait times, allow you to optionally record phone conversations. Simplify operations by using virtual hardware and web interfaces to manage all forms of customer engagement.

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